Physiotherapy in Whitstable

We are highly experienced physiotherapists based in Whitstable, with expert skills in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal and arthritic pain. We use evidence based techniques, in conjunction with specific exercises which can help you achieve a full recovery. We will assess whether you could benefit from medication, which we can prescribe or cortico steroid injections to facilitate the quickest route to recovery.

We use a wide range of soft-tissue, mobilisation and manipulation techniques and address imbalances in muscles and joints. We establish an individualised rehabilitation program that addresses stiffness and weak areas, often present after a period of pain/ injury or when suffering from arthritis.

We offer
Manual therapy/manipulation
Soft tissue release
Exercise therapy
Core stability training
Movement analysis & muscle balance assessment and rehabilitation
Postural advice
Cortico steroid injections
Prescribing medication to help with pain and inflammation

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We provide outstanding specialist physical therapy services for our clients throughout Kent.

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