Neck pain / Whiplash / Headaches

Neck pain can occur for varies reasons, including arthritis, wear and tear, stress, etc.

Whiplash occurs when the spine is unexpectedly moved in one direction and then it rebounds in the opposite direction. It can happen in a backwards and forwards direction or it can be in a side to side motion. Whiplash type injuries are not limited to motor vehicle accidents alone; Sports injuries, knocks falls and slips can all produce a whiplash type injury. There are a number of common symptoms associated with whiplash, including neck pain, which may refer into the head, down the arm or into the mid back region. Headaches are quite common but can refer into the front of the head.

Certain types of headaches have been shown to be referred pain from the small joints and soft tissue of the neck. Things like car accidents, posture and ‘wear and tear’ can cause these. Joint manipulation, postural advice, specific exercises and acupuncture can often be successful in treating them.

You will be offered an in depth physical examination and we will discuss with you what investigations will be appropriate. We will discuss specific treatment options which will benefit you.

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