Knee Injuries

These range from ACL injuries, ligament tears, Meniscus & Cartilage problems, Patello-femoral pain to Osgood Schlatter’s disease, arthritis, etc.

Pain at the front of the knees can be due to the kneecap tracking poorly in its joint. Factors such as flat feet or muscle imbalances can be responsible. Careful assessment and adjustment of your ‘biomechanics’ often help with this mal-tracking.

If further investigations are required, we are happy to refer you for these and would advise you whether a surgical opinion would benefit you.

We will liaise with your surgeon about your rehabilitation program if you had an operation.

Physiotherapy has proven to benefit these injuries and conditions. Rehabilitation will also work to help prevent recurrence.

“We have experience in treatment, rehabilitation of your knee pain and discuss strategies to prevent recurrence.”

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